A robust and compact measuring system with high dynamics, specifically designed for the measurement of turbine blades on the production floor. It is developed to speed production with is ultimate flexible 3D solutions and reliability of results.


The point measurement is done with an innovative double-eyed sensor. With this sensor reflective and polished surfaces can be measured. Even with a tilt angle of 85° to the surface, measurement points can be captured with accuracy and repeatability and the smallest features can be measured precisely with the small light spot with a diameter of 35μm.


CORE D is a completely automatable system that can be directly implemented in the production line. Defined Programs can be started with a single click of a button and results automatically forwarded to production control. CORE D is a dynamic 5-axes system with 3 linear and 2 rotational axes. Ideal accessibility on the part through the quick and optimal sensor positioning.


A highly accurate and stable base structure as well as a large stand-off and big measuring range minimize deviations. CORE D fulfills the requirements of the acceptance procedures according to ISO 10360.


CORE D has a small footprint and only needs a standard power supply. It is easy to change the position of the system within the production hall. After moving, the inspection process can be started again without any machine adjustments. Based on its design CORE D is resistant to dirt, vibration and temperature and therefore flexible to use in a production environment.


CORE M is a measuring system developed to fulfill the increasing demand for 100% testing. Fast and efficiently it can be used right where manufacturing takes place: in production.

High Speed Measurement

High dynamic linear drives and the robust base machine of the 6-axis-measuring-system allows measurements at high speed. CORE M has a measurement volume of 500 mm x 500 mm x 1500 mm and is therefore ideal for the measurement of large components. The comprehensive software package from WENZEL enables easy and fast evaluations even of complex parts like blades and blisk.

Temperature Stable

Stable for an enhanced temperature range (18°C to 30°C). With Precision scales on carbon fibre mounts and carbon temperature housing. Laser based CAA for movement and temperature dependent machine compensation in real time.


Earthquake protected up to 6.5 on the Richter scale. Has protected guides and filters for ventilation.

Fast and Efficient

CORE M is a highly dynamic system. The use of electromechanical drives allows accelerations of the optical system up to 4300 mm/s² and a movement speed up to 800 mm/s. The innovative optical sensor based on high intensity light technology enables the measurement of highly reflective and mirror-like surfaces. A time-consuming pretreatment is not necessary.