Software Solutions

We offer a great number of advanced software solutions to control and optimize the performance of metrology related products. Each one is powerful, easy-to-use, and customizable to meet the application requirements.



ANSYS SpaceClaim

ANSYS SpaceClaim enables anyone to create, edit, and repair geometry without worrying about underlying technology. With SpaceClaim, working with 3D modeling software becomes fast, easy, flexible, and rewarding, no matter where in the workflow you need it.

Revolutionizing Product Development Workflows

We are helping customers completely streamline their operations through:
  • Refocusing on the task at hand instead of on the technology
  • Working with any geometry, regardless of where it came from.
  • Strong integrations downstream with CAE and CAM tools for high productivity
  • The removal of geometry bottlenecks throughout the entire workflow, from early concept design to pre-processing for manufacturing

How SpaceClaim Can Work for You

SpaceClaim can be utilized in the following areas
  • Concept Modeling (Specifically Simulation Driven Design and Bid Modeling/Early Concept Design)
  • CAE Prep (Specifically for CFD/Thermal and Structural analysis)
  • Manufacturing (Specifically 3D Printing, CAM, Sheet Metal, and Mold Manufacturing)
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Going from 2D to 3D


PointMaster is the successful and reliable software from WENZEL with the modules Reverse Engineering, Verification, CAM Milling and Computed Tomography. It handles point cloud, geometric entities and design data with great efficiency and is the environment into which all Wenzel's non-contact products interface.

Interactive and Easy to use

It is possible to learn PointMaster in a few hours. Interactive feature "Shading" displays both artefacts and any areas of discontinuity, as well as feature lines, which are the key for surface segmentation. New functions such as surface trimming by use of B-spline curves, importing surfaces created in CAD systems for surface reconstruction and geometric feature recognition round off the wide range of new features in PointMaster V 5.

Fast and Simple

The operation of PointMaster is fully object oriented. Most features are supported by automatisms. This allows an intuitive operation so that with little training highly complex tasks can be completed. PointMaster can be interfaced with Metrosoft QUARTIS to create Virtual CMM functionality. Import capabilities for Point cloud IGES, STL, STEP, and several formats.


Metrosoft QUARTIS is the established measuring software from WENZEL Metromec. It is the first measuring software using the trend-setting Microsoft® Office Fluent™ user interface.

Modern and Versatile

QUARTIS is the first software to be designed using the trend-setting Microsoft® Office Fluent™ user interface making it an uncluttered, flexible, and result oriented workspace enabling the user to focus more on the work. This software is suited for a wide variety of applications such as Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Consumer Goods, and Precision Components.

Simplified Application

With the Microsoft® Office Fluent™, Metrosoft QUARTIS significantly simplifies the application of the powerful functions allowing you to get correct measuring results, impressive inspection reports and meaningful statistics faster and easier.

VGStudio 3.0 by Volume Graphics

With VGStudio 3.0, you have access to the high-tech visualization possibilities of VGStudio MAX 3.0 and its CT-reconstruction functions*. Together with the CT Reconstruction Module, VGStudio 3.0 covers the complete workflow, from the precise reconstruction of three-dimensional volume data sets using the images taken by your CT scanner to the visualization in 3D and 2D as well as impressive animation
New in VGStudio 3.0
Just as with VGStudio MAX 3.0, VGStudio 3.0 has been completely redeveloped to take full advantage of the capabilities of modern hardware. Other new features in version 3.0 include:
  • Open metrology projects created with VGMetrology or VGMetrology ES (.mvgl files) in VGStudio 3.0 or myVGL 3.0.
  • Open and save the new single-files that combine all files, folders, and even the source data (.vgarchive files).
  • Open data sets with unloaded gray values.
  • Publish .pdf files directly without third-party tools.
  • Make use of the tremendously improved CT reconstruction functions that were introduced with VGStudio MAX 3.0.
  • Choose from two interface themes: the familiar 'bright' theme and a new 'dark' theme, which is perfect for working with gray value images.
  • Use the new export and reporting features that you already know from VGStudio MAX 3.0: top-level reporting, VG Report Format (.vgrf), and customizable test reports.

VG InLine 3.0 by Volume Graphics

VG InLine 3.0 is the next step in automated non-destructive testing (NDT) with industrial computed tomography (CT). It's simple to set up. It works with almost every CT system on the market − right out of the box.
VG InLine 3.0 Offers:
  • Fully Automated or Semi-Automated CT Inspection
  • Maximum flexibility for easy reconfigurations and adjustments
  • Broad feature set (e.g. wall thickness measurement, nominal / actual comparison and much more!)
  • Extensive compatibility to almost all formats of reconstructed CT volumes
  • Complex inspections with an easy setup
  • Connectable − It integrates seamlessly in your larger process!
  • Capabilities grow with your needs − the costs don't

VGMetrology 3.0 by Volume Graphics

Measure on voxel data, point clouds, meshes and CAD data with VGMetrology 3.0, Volume Graphics' universal metrology solution. Our easy-to-use stand-alone application turns your CT scanner into a comprehensive and precise metrology device.
VGMetrology is:
  • Full-featured. VGMetrology offers you the full metrology-related functionality of our flagship product VGStudio MAX including GD&T functionality.
  • Uncompromisingly accurate. VGMetrology 3.0 gives you the complete picture of all object surfaces − and saves it in the very compact .mvgl format.
  • Universal. You can measure not only on the voxel data itself but also on point clouds, meshes and CAD data.
  • Easy-to-use. The focussed range of functionality makes VGMetrology easily accessible for new users.
  • Seamless. You can exchange files between VGMetrology 3.0 and other Volume Graphics 3.0 products.
  • Certified. VGMetrology 3.0 is verified by the Physikalisch Technische-Bundesanstalt (PTB), Germany's national metrology institute.
  • Affordable. VGMetrology costs significantly less than a comparably equipped VGStudio MAX

myVGL 3.0 by Volume Graphics

myVGL 3.0 is the free viewer app for projects created with Volume Graphics software. With myVGL 3.0, you can view 3D objects (in voxel, point cloud, mesh, and CAD format), the analyses and measurements performed on these objects, and the results.
myVGL 3.0 is fully compatible to VGStudio MAX 3.0, VGStudio 3.0, and VGMetrology 3.0 as well as previous versions.
The Perfect Companion to VGStudio MAX 3.0 and VGMetrology 3.0

myVGL 3.0 is perfect for sharing the results of a CT data analysis − whether you receive data, e.g., from your quality lab or a scanning service provider or you want to exchange CT data analysis results with colleagues.

  • This free software allows you to view analyses and visualizations created with VGStudio MAX and VGStudio interactively and in 3D.
  • myVGL 3.0 is the universal viewer app for projects saved in .vgl, .mvgl or the new .vgarchive formats.
  • myVGL 3.0 can also be used to view metrology projects created with VGMetrology or VGMetrology ES (.mvgl files) − just as, of course, VGMetrology VIEWER.
  • Additionally, myVGL 3.0 can open the new single-files that combine all files, folders, and even the source data (.vgarchive files).
  • myVGL 3.0 is also able to open data sets with unloaded gray values and thereby save memory.

You can not only view and examine all analyses and analysis results created using Volume Graphics software with myVGL 3.0. You also have access to the new export and reporting features that you know from VGStudio MAX 3.0

  • Save all analysis results in a standardized folder and file structure with the new VG Report Format (.vgrf)
  • Generate reports on all the analyses linked to an object with new top-level reporting.
  • Together with Microsoft Excel, create comprehensive and completely customizable test reports (function requires Microsoft Excel).
  • Publish .pdf files directly from myVGL 3.0.

Metrolog X4

Real performance accelerator for your 3D measuring devices, Metrolog X4 is the latest evolution of the famous 3D inspection software Metrolog XG. The new Metrolog X4 architecture is designed not only to benefit from current computer and OS technologies (Windows 64-bit, and multiprocessor PCs) that significantly increase the performances and throughput of your Metrology software, but is also aimed at simplifying your day-to-day measurement work. Metrolog X4 is a perfect Point Cloud software able to analyze large data size.
Make 3D inspection more powerful with Metrolog X4
  • High Performances in Point Cloud analysis: Large Data file import (CAD files, Point clouds, ...)
  • Optimal Interface: Usage easiness
  • Compatibility Connectivity: All Devices Supported
  • Dynamicity: Automatic Re-computation - No need to remeasure
  • Enhanced Analysis: Best in Class GD&T and Reporting
  • Best 3D Point Cloud Analysis module

Metrolog EVO

Metrolog EVO is the easy-to-use, portable measuring device oriented 3D measurement software especially suited for portable inspection devices. Built on the renown X4 architecture, we have integrated a simplified operator oriented interface to unleash the power of Metrolog EVO. Metrolog EVO addresses all the advanced capabilities you need to satisfy your day-to-day Geometric and Free Form measurement analysis requirements


Real-time measurement results updates

Throughout the control process (probing, constructions, definitions, ...) you can access your ongoing measurement results to monitor your inspection. While probing / scanning all the feature characteristics and results (dimensions, form fault, ...) are computed for you and displayed in real-time.


Powerful inspection capabilities

CAD based measurements and analysis made simple. Live color mapping from Point Cloud projection to the CAD mathematical data or simple hard probing measurements allows you to obtain real-time surface analysis. All type of free form features are included in Metrolog EVO such as section, surface points, color mapping rendering as well as free form related GD&T evaluation tools including advanced best fitting algorithms... Surface deviation can be simply reported using static pictures or shared dynamically using the Metrolog X4 i-Viewer.


Multiple Part Inspection made easy

Thanks to this feature oriented part programming engine and it's ease-to-use interface, re-running a full inspection and advanced visual assistance becomes easy and efficient.


On-demand inspection reports

You can directly design and print reports using our step-by-step guided wizard. Rapidly create or customize your graphical or listing-based inspection reports. All the feature’s characteristics can be clearly displayed in a customizable sticker/balloon for a detailed and comprehensive report. These reports can be printed or accessed live using our global and free i-Viewer inspection data sharing software.



PolyWorks is the universal 3D Metrology Software Platform for processing and analyzing three-dimensional datasets. The future of metrology depends on the complete and highly accurate acquisition of surfaces. In addition to single point measurements PolyWorks improves the analysis and inspection of entire surface models. This incorporates the whole process from capturing point clouds to processing and modelling surfaces. As a universal software platform PolyWorks integrates a wide range of optical and tactile 3D- digitizers. Whether in design, quality assurance or surveying: The application range of the software in combination with 3D-measuring devices is almost unlimited.

Modular Structure for your specific demand:

PolyWorks | Inspector: for Quality Control.

  • The world's #1 dimensional control and point cloud engineering solution in the manufacturing community. PolyWorks|Inspector is a powerful software solution that uses high-density point clouds to control the quality of castings/dies/molds and to approve manufacturing processes through prototype, first-article, manufactured, and assembled parts inspection. PolyWorks|Inspector offers a complete toolset for comparing forms and profiles (part-to-part and part-to-CAD), and includes the most complete GD&T analysis capabilities on the market, as well as the widest array of soft-gauging tools.

PolyWorks | Modeler: For Design and reverse engineering.

  • Enabling true interoperability between digitized polygonal models and CAD/CAM applications Providing superior meshing capabilities to the manufacturing community since its first release, PolyWorks|Modeler expands the use of polygons for manufacturing applications by delivering unique polygon editing tools that prepare models for 3-axis & 5-axis milling, CFD & FEA analysis, and rapid prototyping. PolyWorks|Modeler also offers powerful NURBS surface generation tools to convert a polygonal surface into an accurate NURBS model that can be imported directly into all major CAD/CAM software.

PolyWorks | Viewer: Share your projects with colleagues and clients.

  • A free 3D viewing software program that enable colleagues or managers to review inspection projects and polygonal models and even create their own reports. PolyWorks|Viewer comes standard with the purchase of a PolyWorks 3D metrology software solution, and for those who don't have PolyWorks, they can download a standalone version of the free viewer.

D3D++: Import Company specific inspection plans