The exaCT® U is used for the measurement and testing of components where 3D data of complex internal and external structures are required.

Adapts to your needs

The exaCT® U can be used universally and is designed in such a way that each customer can tailor his individual system with the appropriate X-ray source and detector. You can select a power source of 135 to 450 kV. It has has a much larger measuring volume of 700mm (27.5 in) height and 300mm (11.8 in) in diameter allowing you to measure large components with higher densities. The exaCT® U features speed, flexibility, low cost of ownership, small footprint to save money and time-saving capability through one measurement for multiple evaluations.

The WENZEL CT-Workstation exaCT® M

The new exaCT® M CT-Workstation is based on an innovative concept with an exceptional system ability. This is not only partially superior, but point by point to comparable devices

Ease of Use

Its user-friendly application ensures that the full extent of the innovative device concept of the exaCT® M is brought to bear. The CT-Workstations exaCT® M is set up as a modular system. Because of its modular design it is adjustable to requirements of differing measurement tasks. The workflow of measuring and analyzing is combined in an optimal way, as a desk is integrated in the CT-Workstation exaCT® M.

The WENZEL Desktop-CT exaCT® S

The exaCT® S is a modular system concept with exceptional system stability and can be perfectly integrated into existing measurement rooms.

Small but powerful

The compact desktop CT exaCT® S is the ideal solution for volume measurement of small components. exaCT® S is small enough to fit on every desk and offers a maximum of performance in a minimum of space. The high resolution allows a detailed analysis even of the smallest components ranging from micro-measuring technology to micro-material-testing. The applications for the exaCT® S are measurement and testing technology where 3D data of complex inner structures are required.