Atmos UAV appoints Mena3D as its official distributor in Middle East & North Africa

11 July 2019

Atmos UAV, the Delft based drone manufacturer that develops VTOL fixed-wing drones for surveying and mapping, has signed a reseller agreement with Mena3D. Mena3D with its headquarters in Germany (Stuttgart) and several other offices in the Middle East and North Africa will strengthen Atmos UAV distribution network meeting the demand in the MENA region. Apart from the supply of Marlyn, Mena3D will also provide support and first line maintenance.

"I think everyone in the geospatial world has acknowledged the benefits of drone surveying. VTOL drones come with many advantages but a big differentiating factor in choosing Marlyn is its wind resistance. This is really a game changer as it offers on average 50% productivity gains for surveyors compared to other drones (less to no lost days due to high winds). With Marlyn, we want to further diversify our portfolio and keep supplying our clients with cutting-edge surveying equipment" said Dr. Khaled El Nabbout, General Manager at Mena3D GmbH.

"We are delighted to have Mena 3D distributing our Marlyn fixed wing VTOL survey drone in the MENA region!" said Rene Worms, Head of Global Sales at Atmos UAV. "Mena3D is "future proof" in adopting the newest technologies for mapping and surveying, while having an extensive experience in the industry. As such, we couldn't think of a better partner for local sales and support in that region. We are always looking for well-established partners like Mena3D that think ahead and want to supply geospatial professionals with the latest technology."

Marlyn, the first fully autonomous hybrid (fixed-wing & vertical take-off and landing) drone for mapping and surveying, combines the flexibility of helicopters with the long endurance of fixed wings . With her multirotor properties, the drone is able to take-off and land vertically in any location, making damaging belly landings a thing of the past. The fixed wings and its patented design allow Marlyn to work in harsh and windy conditions (wind resistance of 12,5 m/s ) and ensure rapid data gathering for all of your projects.