Mena3D is happy to launch its new partnership with the world-leading multispectral Camera developer Micasense.

As a leading company in bringing 3D measurement to the Middle East and North Africa, Mena3D offers complete 3D measurement and geospatial solutions for a broad range of applications. The strength of Mena3D lays in the profound knowledge in 3D technologies and the expertise in the 3D market development. Mena3D focuses on developing up-to-date 3D measurement knowledge in the MENA region by offering its customers the right solutions based on their application and help them to use it in a simple way.
Rooted in Seattle, MicaSense strives to help growers, land managers, and researchers use drone-based imagery to make informed decisions. They are leading experts in developing drone sensors for vegetation mapping, and they dedicate their efforts not only to offering tools but also the practical know-how. With MicaSense sensors and its UAV integration solutions, your life and your work can be made easier.
MENA3D and MicaSense ventured into a new partnership last May 28, 2020. Both dedicated companies will work together in providing efficient solutions, professional training, and instant technical support. We aim at developing the know-how and establishing a network of MicaSense users in the MENA region. We wish to see our market finally fully gaining from multispectral technology.
E-mail us today at to get MicaSense brochures and offer. Our technical team will be happy to explain to you about this technology and how it can benefit your business.